Freakout Festival 2017- The Recap

We spent our weekend in Ballard jumping around different venues in order to check out as much music as possible for Freakout Records 5th Annual Festival. All the spaces were great for the sets with the perfect amount of people attending, making it easy to jump around without fear of being at capacity.

There was plenty of local talent highlights mixed in with the overall bill, and we enjoyed catching some of our favorite artists hanging out at the venues to show their support. The event was very well organized We really enjoyed being part of the event and below are some of our highlights from this year.


It was the first time checking out Battleme after strong recommendations and they were correct. The band brought their best to the fest and captivated the Tractor crowd with their smooth moves and high kicks.


You know them, you love them. Every time Sundries announce a show around town even as openers, it is not to be missed. Sadie Ava’s voice is a powerful force that we are glad to surrender to. The perfect drumming and guitar riffs that accompany the heartfelt lyrics are the perfect remedy to any night. Don’t miss these guys perform!

Smokey Brights

Another Seattle band that we enjoy seeing live under Freakout Records. Ryan Devlin and Kim West lead in perfect harmony and you let them carry you away to a different place. Perhaps it’s smokey there too. Conor Byrne Pub was packed as they closed out Friday night strong.

Acid Tongue

You need to see this band live to understand why they work so great together. Guy Keltner leads in vocals and silky movement as Ian Cunningham pounds away his drums causing mayhem. The band just returning from their European tour, received a warm welcome from their hometown and label.

The Shivas

The Portland band took Conor Byrne on Saturday and left with everyone’s attention and enthusiasm. The trio rocked out as lead singer Jared Molyneux’s hair flowed in perfect motion as he moved on stage. Great find over the weekend.

Porter Ray

It’s always great to catch Porter Ray around town and we like it even better when he’s a part of a festival that is mostly rock/indie. It brings a new fresh feel when you switch things up to catch his set. The young rapper signed to Sub Pop always brings his top game and a few collaborators on stage.


Another new find at the festival that we really enjoyed. The band packed Hattie’s Hat back room and gave it a feel of playing in your garage space. Very raw, very loud, very rock. Lead singer Alexis Young had us from the first second and as the red intensified around the room so did her performance. Can’t wait to see these guys next time they’re here.

Maiah Manser

The dreamy artist played to a full Sunset on Saturday night and everyone was enchanted. I heard someone in the crowd say, “Why haven’t I heard of her before? She’s amazing!” The silky backdrop display that was projecting color visuals added the performance.

Magic Sword

Another great set that was a highlight from the festival. The trio known for performing in black capes, and masks that make them look like they are wearing cool laser glasses. This is probably the closest you will get to Daft Punk performing. The cover dance tunes put you in a great mood as you dance the night away.

Guantanamo Baywatch

The garage surfer band closed out Saturday night at the Sunset to one of the best lives of the weekend. Sometimes it felt like they were moving us through waves, others like we were moving through mountains. Everyone just went with it and the set was interesting and exciting. It was a great way to end the festival as their liveliness and stage presence was exactly in line with the vibe.

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